Airborne Lightning Observatory for FEGS and TGFs

Location: McDill AFB, Tampa, FL  |  Coordinates: 27°50′58″N 82°31′16″W

  • The ALOFT Science Team joins scientists from the University of Bergen, NASA, and several other institutions around the world. The unique needs of a flight campaign require a wide range of competences and expertise spanning from detectors, microelectronics, radio instrumentation, whether forecasting, management and logistic.
  • The NASA ER-2 is the only aircraft participating. 
  • ER-2 payload: UIB-BGO (Gamma-ray Detectors), Fly's Eye Geostationalry Lightning Maper (GLM) Simulator (FEGS), Electric Field Sensors, CRS (W-band), EXRAD (X-band), AMPR (10-90 GHZ), CoSSIR (183-640 GHz). 
  • Science Flights: 1 July 2023 - 31 July 2023

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