Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel 2014

Location: NASA Wallops Flight Facility, VA  |  Coordinates: 37°56′21.6°N 75°27′6°W

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  • The third year of HS3 flights. The over storm Global Hawk AV-1 had flight computer problems so HIWRAP was moved to the WB-57 aircraft at Ellington Field in Houston.
  • Three flights over Hurricane Gonzalo were conducted with the WB-57 relocated at McDill AFB in Tampa.
  • Each flight over Gonzalo (10/15, 10/16, 10/17) had either two or three passes since the WB-57 duration was 6 hours
  • Gonzalo was in Cat 3 - 4 during the flights, and it underwent recurving between 10/15 and 10/16.
  • More information: HS3 Web site