Radar Definition Experiment (RADEX) for ACE Mission

Location: Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WA | Coordinates: 47°08′16" N 122°28′35" W

  • Flights designed to develop algorithms for ACE Decadal Mission Ka-/W-band Doppler radar.
  • Coordinated field campaign with GPM GV OLYMPEX field campaign focused on GPM algorithm improvement.
  • ER-2 is primary component of RADEX.
  • UND Citation is shared between OLYMPEX and RADEX
  • ER-2 is instrumentation:
    • 3 radars (EXRAD, HIWRAP, CRS) to provide a 4-frequency (X, Ku, Ka, W) look at clouds and precipitation.
    • Profiling lidar (CPL)
    • Advanced Precipitation Microwave Radiometer (AMPR) [OLYMPEX-sponsored]
    • GRIP logo

      Microwave radiometer (AMPR)

    • Polarimeter (AirMSPI)

NOTE:  This is not an offical data site.  Any use of data from this site should acknowledge the High-Altitude Radar Group (HAR) at Goddard Space Flight Center.  It is always advisable to check with HAR whether the latest version of data is posted.