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Over the past two decades, the high-altitude airborne radar group at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center has developed the 9.6 GHz ER-2 Doppler Radar (EDOP) and the 94 GHz Cloud Radar system (CRS) for flying on NASA's ER-2 aircraft at about 20 km above the ground. Both radars have been involved in a number of field campaigns and provide vertical profiles of cloud and precipitation measurements for atmospheric research. Recent radar developments include the Hight-altitude Imaging Wind and Rain Airborne Profiler (HIWRAP), and  the ER-2 X-band Radar (EXRAD) , which is the next generation of EDOP with scanning capability.

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List of instruments related to HAR mission:

* This instrument is under development for ER-2.

Recent Data

Three most recent flight data:


The high-altitude radar group focuses on three main areas of atmospheric research:  hurricanes, precipitation and clouds.  The data collected in field campaigns from these areas are used in algorithms to retrieve important geophysical variables such as winds, latent heat, precipitation and cloud variables.  These data and retrievals allow for a detailed understanding of the dynamics of these phenomena with implications for the numerical modeling of weather and climate.  Please see the "Research" side bar link above for details on HAR research.


Sample Data Images








CRS (Rain shower with cirrus layer)